Walking in Greece – Treading a Wonderland

Samos, Pythagorion
Samos, Pythagorion

From the blog Travel in Chance: A walking in Greece, by Toni Maniscalco.

Why go on a walking in Greece holiday? Quite simply, it’s a chance to escape to a world that many of us thought only existed in our dreams – until we visited Greece!

Greece and the Greeks

Even people that proclaim they know nothing of even their own history probably have heard some of the echoes of Greek history ringing down through the ages. The 300 Spartans, Mount Olympus and the Gods, The Trojan War, great architecture, art, literature and science – all these often come to mind when the word ‘Greece’ is mentioned.

More recently, Greece has also become associated with marvellous holiday opportunities through its beaches, crystal clear waters, marvellous historical sites, great food and fabulous people. There are so many destinations on both the mainland and islands of Greece that it’s hard to know where to start first in terms of choosing a destination. Yet one thing should be clear from the outset; while you’re in Greece you’ll want to get the most out of your experience.

Walking in Greece – Getting the Most Out of Your Holiday

The majority of tourists to Greece tend to visit a relatively small number of main centres. Their holiday is usually based around a major resort, typically on a beach and there may be a few short day-trips by coach to see some sights. There’s nothing wrong with that at all but, if you’re interested in seeing a little more of the “real” Greece and a little less of the pool and beach, a walking in Greece holiday may be for you.

These holidays are taken in many parts of Greece including the Peloponnese, Samos, Crete, Rhodes and other locations. There are guided walks under the supervision of an expert and well-qualified tour leader and you’ll get the chance to see rural Greece at its best, or the wildlife of some of the more the remote parts of the countryside. You’ll come across isolated bays and inlets or mountain villages – places that most tourists will never see.

If that’s not appealing enough, then some of Greece’s best-kept historical secrets are far more easily reached on foot than by coach or car. You may even get to Delphi and ask the Oracle what the future holds for you! To see large parts of Greece, your own feet are often the very best way to get there – and you’ll see far more en-route in so doing.

Walks for All Tastes

Don’t worry, unlike Pheidippides who ran 26 miles after the battle of Marathon in 490BC to bring Athens news of their great victory over the Persians, you won’t have to push yourself too hard! There are plenty of holidays to choose from and many are specifically arranged to allow a gentle pace for people to explore at leisure.

Walking in Greece holidays also cater for the modern tourist’s demands for comfort.

Your guided walk accommodation and daily itineraries have been provided to ensure that you don’t get too stretched and are able to relax in civilised and pleasant surroundings at the end of the day. Your tour leader is there not only to act as an expert in helping you see all that there is to see, but also to ensure that you’re being well looked after in terms of creature comforts.

Guided Walks in Greece – Not Just for the Countryside

If you’ve ever visited a major city overseas, you may have found it a good but possibly a very tiring and even intimidating experience. That’s why there are also walking in Greece holidays that include walks around Athens and other major urban areas to admire at the art, history and architecture under the helpful eye of an experienced tour leader. You won’t get lost and you won’t miss anything important.

The Walking Holiday – a Growing Phenomenon

As people increasingly recognise the benefits of exercise, walking holidays are booming. Lying around all day eating and drinking is becoming less fashionable – and perhaps for good reason. So walking in Greece may be not only be very enjoyable, but possibly better for your health than a conventional break!